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April 27, 2011

Shaukat Chaney is interviewed by the Metal Art Guild of Canada and the article appears in The Bronze Issue of MAGazine.

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Artist Biography - Shaukat Chaney

Shaukat Chaney was first introduced to oil painting in 1974 while enrolled at the University of Minnesota Graduate School of Dentistry. Painting was included in the program to create a better understanding of colours used in dentistry.

Shaukat Chaney's interest in sculpture began in 1975 while creating craniofacial prostheses for trauma and cancer patients at the College of Dentistry, University of Saskatchewan. Here the training in visualizing and understanding colour was found to be extremely useful.

Kneeling ManTo further improve his skills Shaukat studied sculpture under the tutelage of Mr. Bill Epp, head of the sculpture department at the University of Saskatchewan. This led to his fascination with working in bronze. In 1978, Shaukat introduced portrait sculpture to his dental students to help them understand facial shapes and contours. This was the only such program offered to dental students in North America.

In 1986 he moved to Ottawa with his family. In 1989 he enrolled in stone and wood carving courses at the Ottawa School of Art under able guidance of Mr. John Sadler.

Shaukat Chaney retired from dentistry in 1993 and is now sculpting and painting full time at his WaterWalks studio in Cumberland, Ontario. His sculptures have found homes in Canada, USA, India and Spain.

Shaukat's sculpture can be viewed at WaterWalks Studio by appointment.

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Curriculum Vitae

Shaukat Chaney

2975 Quillivan Drive,
Cumberland, Ont. K4C1A9
Tel: 613 833 0157


1989 - 90 Ottawa School of Art, Ottawa. (Stone sculpting)
1975 - 77 University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. (Bronze sculpting)

Group Exhibitions:

2010 Patrick Mills NCNS Group Show, Ottawa, Ontario
2009 Shenkman Art Centre, Ottawa, Ontario
2009 Dimensions '09 Annual NCNS show Ottawa, Ontario
2009 Patrick Mills Contemporary Art Gallery
2007 Encounters Annual NCNS show Ottawa, Ontario
2007 Elemental Mixed media show Ottawa, Ontario
2006 Dimensions '06 Annual NCNS show Ottawa, Ontario
2005 Dimensions '05 Annual NCNS show Ottawa, Ontario
2004 Dimensions '04 Annual NCNS show Ottawa, Ontario
2004 Invisible Ribbon Campaign Art show Ottawa, Ontario
2004 Galleriart Mixed media art show Ottawa, Ontario 
2004 Humane Society Fundraiser Sculpture show Cumberland, Ont. 
2003 Dimensions '03 Annual NCNS show Ottawa, Ontario
2003 Humane Society Fundraiser Sculpture show Cumberland, Ont.

Solo Exhibitions:

2008 Pivotal Woman – Ottawa, Ontario

Professional Experience:

2002-04 President, National Capital Network of Sculptors
1983-86 Initiated and organized a portrait sculpture class. College of Dentistry 
Uni. of Saskatchewan

Newspaper, Magazine and Television:

2011 Metal Art Guild of Canada - Interview in 2011 MAGazine - The Bronze Issue
2009 Mike Levin ‘ Reconstructing a Life’ Kitch Art magazine (cover and article)
2009 CTV's "Regional Contact"
2007 Karen Secord 'A Man of Many Talents' - 55 Plus magazine (cover and  article)
2007 Patrick Langston 'Dentists and Goddesses' - Weekly Journal
2005 Journal of the Canadian Dental Association - cover artist


2002 Sculpture voted 'Best of Show' at the Dimensions '04 show


2007 Portrait sculpting (stone) with Marcus Jones Almonte, Ont.
2005 Marble sculpting with master sculptor Arjun Prajpati Jaipur, India

Public Collections:

College of Dentistry, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Private Collections:

Canada, USA, India, UK, Curacao and Spain

Private Commissions:

2010 Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
2007 Ottawa, Canada
2005 Saskatoon, Canada


National Capital Network of Sculptors
Council for the Arts in Ottawa